10 steps to procurement automation

Russian companies are thinking of increasing efficiency through procurement automation. Adopting this solution is commendable, and it is imperative to choose the right approach to avoid any spanners in the works that end up doing more harm than good instead of saving you money. To make sure this doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a handy checklist for those just starting out.

25 January 2021

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Cutting off procurement “tail spend”

Tail spend accounts for about 20 % of non-core expenses, which are not easy to manage due to limited in-house resources and a high volume of transactions and suppliers. As a rule, these are one-off or low value purchases, which is why the procurement department does not devote enough attention to them. However, due to company policy, it is necessary to address the issue of tail spend, where present.

21 December 2020

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Are you sure that procurement in your company is effective?

This article will be useful for CEOs and CFOs of companies with the revenue of more than 1 billion rubles, in which the share of procurement costs exceeds 20%. Can you answer the following three questions? How efficient is procurement in your company? What value does procurement bring to your company? Can procurement costs be decreased by 25-30% without losing quality and volumes?

18 December 2020

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Typical mistakes in procurement automation and how to avoid them

In the previous article, we set out a sequence of steps required for updating the procurement business process with state-of-the-art technology. Now, let's look at the typical mistakes made by automation initiators.

1 November 2020

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

How to Combat Corruption in Procurement

Many Russian companies introduce bureaucratic measures to fight corruption in procurement, but this only serves to complicate work and doesn’t have the desired effect.

20 October 2019

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Misconceptions CEO/CFOs have about procurement

I have frequently discussed procurement optimisation issues with CEOs and CFOs. Here I have put together some of the most common stereotypes/ideas that top management in Russia have about the procurement function and role in a company.

29 September 2019

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Corruption gravity: how does fraud show in procurement?

It is not so easy to discover “points of attraction” and corruption risks associated with tendering as it may seem. However, there are some signs which will help you identify corruption schemes and prevent misuse at early stages.

30 August 2019

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Tips on increasing the value of a procurement manager in a company

10 proven methods, which might help a procurement manager to earn more.

20 June 2019

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

Headhunting: how to find procurement professionals

It is not easy to find a top-class procurement professional, since, on the one hand, purchases require best practices expertise, and on the other hand, they need unconventional thinking and a creative approach. Highlights and challenges of up-to-date recruiting techniques with a focus on procurement can be found in a number of resources.

29 April 2019

Zelimkhan Suleymanov

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