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On behalf of our clients, we perform certain works or take all purchasing in a company for outsourcing. We are asked on board when you need to make purchases quickly at the lowest cost and labor efforts. Searching for and recruiting professional buyers is time-consuming and expensive, so the companies come to us. We offer our clients two forms of collaboration – procurement outsourcing and provision of personnel.

We will take over the routine operations and you will handle more purchasing tasks with no increase

45 mln

rubles saved for a client over 12 months


companies are outsourced on a regular basis

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Projects implemented on Outsourcing in Procurement

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International producer of plant protection products and seeds


rubles of savings per year


  • total costs per 78 mln rubles year
  • 13 active suppliers
  • varying contract terms and conditions
  • no single tariff matrix
  • insufficient transport during peak season
  • low competition
  • no fixed prices


  • savings of up to 10% against current prices or 8 mln rubles per year
  • post payment — 15 calendar days (before — 10 days)
  • universal commercial conditions and tariff matrix
  • fixed fuel factor
  • prices frozen for 12 months
  • 23 active suppliers
  • competition between transport companies
  • monthly follow-up of request order execution

Large international manufacturer of flat glass


  • lack of understanding of the rental market in the key cities:

– availability of premises

– rental price

– competitors offering consignment storage services

  • inflated storage costs
  • high logistics costs for the transportation of products from other cities


  • complete understanding of the market: available premises, competitors, rental prices
  • warehouse storage of finished products in the key cities
  • reasonable costs for storage of finished goods corresponding to the market

We perform outsourcing in 77 categories

IT & telecom

— Fixed-line telephony
— Data transfer
— Managed Print Services (MPS)
— IT hardware
— Software
— Technical support
— Consulting and outsourcing
— Data center services

Raw materials and packaging

— Oil & Gas and petrochemicals
— Car industry and agricultural industry
— Retail and HoReCa
— Banks and financial companies
— Pharmaceutical companies
— Telecommunications
— Heavy and light industry
— Transport and logistics companies

Administrative services

— Courier service
— Office supplies
— Travel services
— Fleet management
— Safety and security
— Legal services
— Mobile communications
—Renting offices, commercial and industrial premises
— Document storage
— Transport for the personnel


— Oil & Gas and petrochemicals
— Car industry and agricultural industry
— Retail and HoReCa
— Banks and financial companies
— Pharmaceutical companies
— Telecommunications — FMCG
— Heavy and light industry
— Transport and logistics companies
— Marketing research
— Service quality surveys
— POS materials and textiles
— Development of promo-sites, corporate identity, presentations

Capex & MRO

— Industrial equipment
— Spare parts
— Tools
— Maintenance and repair of equipment

Transport and logistics

— Long-distance and international transportation
— Consignment storage - fuel and lubricant materials
— Customs brokerage services
— Cargo insurance


— Overalls and personal protective equipment
— Recruitment services
— Outsourcing: third-party services
— Personnel insurance
— MICE: meetings, programs, conferences, training

Construction and operation

— Maintenance of engineering systems
— Construction and erection works
— Utilities: electricity, gas, water, etc.
— Cleaning
— Furniture
— Repair and maintenance works
— CCTV, anti-theft equipment

The companies come to us when it is necessary to

Help in Sourcing
Assist in Category Management
Complete Outsourcing of Procurement
Preparation of reports at different levels
Procurement in accordance with Federal Law 223 (public procurement law)

The companies come to us when it is necessary to

Quickly find professionals

Sometimes hiring employees on a full-time basis is unprofitable: the costs are high, and tomorrow the budget can be decreased. It is more convenient to outsource procurement or temporarily “rent” an employee.

Achieve the desired result

There is a task, but no specialist to perform it. Searching means time. Hiring a new employee is a lottery. The companies come to us because we guarantee the result owing to experience and modern tools.

Get expertise and training

We are hired to get access to our expertise in 77 categories. We worked with each category several times in major companies.

Taking the routine tasks off the employees

We take the non-core workload – procurement – from the initiators. We take the routine tasks off the procurement department personnel and give them an opportunity to focus on important projects.

Why are we entrusted to outsourcing in procurement

1. We cost less than staff members

A case from practice: a large retail company outsourced procurement to us.
Let us compare the company department’s and our team’s performance

Move the table
Budget to cover purchases (mln rub) Number of categories Amount of savings (mln rub) Cost of services (mln rub) The number of employees
staff members 500 15-20 50 14 400 3
our employees 1000 40 150 10 560 2


2. We save avg. 20% more than staff members

Here is a sample data for the projects for the last 2 years

Move the table
Client Category Costs of company employees (mln rub) Costs of our specialists (mln rub) Amount of savings (mln rub) % savings on initial costs
Industrial company IT equipment 3000 2400 600 20%
Large retail company Mobile services 4 500 1600 2900 64%
Large industrial company Printing services 7500 4875 2625 35%
Large industrial company Express delivery 4250 3250 1000 24%


3. We free up resources, build relationships with suppliers and eliminate fraud

In addition to direct savings, outsourcing in procurement allows you to:

  • save on labor costs, as the employees do not have to perform optimization on their own.
  • save on working capital by increasing the number of days payment outstanding and reducing inventory.
  • improve the quality of suppliers’ service – the incidents are quickly resolved, documents, statistics, and analytics are collected in a timely manner. Contracts with suppliers are respected in terms of prices and delivery times.
  • eliminate irregularities, violations and any risks associated with procurement. For example, fixing specifications and prices in a contract for a certain period or reducing the foreign currency component in the value of a contract.

Collaboration Options


Procurement Outsourcing

You entrust us with some or all of the tasks in procurement. We are responsible for the result as we have financial incentive – our remuneration depends on performance.


Provision of personnel

We assign an employee who works at your office, deals with your procurement activities only, and is reporting to your management. You provide the employee with everything needed to work, set the goals, control progress and are responsible for his performance. The employee gets access to our knowledge, expertise and tools.

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