Spot purchases

For example, when you decide to move to a new office, we’ll choose a realtor for you, a repair and maintenance company, furniture suppliers, we will purchase equipment and cover for the other needs. The procurement department specialists have no time to spend for one-time tasks. It distracts them from the basic projects. Therefore, spot purchases are entrusted to department managers to whom these are low priority non-core activities. As a result, the budget is inflated, unreliable suppliers are selected, irregularities appear, and low-quality goods and services are purchased. Sometimes the number of suppliers increases, which increases the workload on procurement and accounting departments. In order to prevent this, the companies invite us.

We take individual projects or all one-time purchases for outsourcing. The costs of our services are covered by savings.


projects on spot purchasing per year


average savings vs current prices

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Implemented projects on spot purchasing

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Large international manufacturer of flat glass


rubles of savings


  • procurement procedures were conducted by the IT department
  • non-transparent supplier selection process
  • just one supplier
  • prepayment, unclear delivery times
  • contract terms and conditions disadvantageous for the client
  • no cost consolidation within the company in place


  • savings of 10-20 %
  • established transparent procurement process with all documents present, such as: RFP, commercial proposal, comparison of conditions, contract, SLA, etc.
  • post payment deadline extended up to 20 days
  • fixed prices, terms and conditions of service provision defined in the contract
  • backup supplier available in case of supply disruption

Large retail chain of mono-brand stores


rubles of savings for 3 years amounted


  • procurement procedures were implemented by the employees of the initiating departments: IT, marketing, etc.
  • no unified supplier selection process was established
  • unfavorable conditions for suppliers: prepayment, no SLA, delivery timelines, fixed prices
  • no cost consolidation within the company
  • numerous suppliers with contracts for small amounts


  • a single point of contact for all one-time purchases – spot buyer
  • 4-5 suppliers instead of 1-2 companies per one tender
  • a single process for one-time purchases
  • savings of up to 10-60%
  • post payment deadline extended up to 30 days
  • fixed prices, terms and conditions of service provision defined in the contract
  • reduction in the number of existing suppliers by 30%

We perform spot purchases in 77 categories

IT & telecom

— Fixed-line telephony
— Data transfer
— Managed Print Services (MPS)
— IT hardware
— Software
— Technical support
— Consulting and outsourcing
— Data center services

Raw materials and packaging

— Oil & Gas and petrochemicals
— Car industry and agricultural industry
— Retail and HoReCa
— Banks and financial companies
— Pharmaceutical companies
— Telecommunications
— Heavy and light industry
— Transport and logistics companies

Administrative services

— Courier service
— Office supplies
— Travel services
— Fleet management
— Safety and security
— Legal services
— Mobile communications
—Renting offices, commercial and industrial premises
— Document storage
— Transport for the personnel


— Oil & Gas and petrochemicals
— Car industry and agricultural industry
— Retail and HoReCa
— Banks and financial companies
— Pharmaceutical companies
— Telecommunications — FMCG
— Heavy and light industry
— Transport and logistics companies
— Marketing research
— Service quality surveys
— POS materials and textiles
— Development of promo-sites, corporate identity, presentations

Capex & MRO

— Industrial equipment
— Spare parts
— Tools
— Maintenance and repair of equipment

Transport and logistics

— Long-distance and international transportation
— Consignment storage - fuel and lubricant materials
— Customs brokerage services
— Cargo insurance


— Overalls and personal protective equipment
— Recruitment services
— Outsourcing: third-party services
— Personnel insurance
— MICE: meetings, programs, conferences, training

Construction and operation

— Maintenance of engineering systems
— Construction and erection works
— Utilities: electricity, gas, water, etc.
— Cleaning
— Furniture
— Repair and maintenance works
— CCTV, anti-theft equipment

The companies come to us when it is necessary to

Decrease the workload on the employees

We perform the routine tasks ourselves and help the company’s employees to focus on the core tasks

Quickly solve the problem

We find a supplier and cover the need in 1-2 weeks avg.

Decrease the costs

According to the implemented projects data, we reduce spot purchasing cost by 10-60% vs. current prices.

Work on the contracts

We draft contracts for the benefit of a client, minimizing the client’s risks

Our advantages in spot purchasing

Categories and markets insights

There are 5 000 suppliers in our database. We know at what prices other companies buy at, so we can give a fair estimate, whether your costs are too high or not.

Methodology and IT tools

We have methodology, tools, and templates. For us, spot purchasing is a core business, for your staff it is an extra workload preventing them from getting concentrated on their core business activities.

Financial incentive

Our remuneration depends on the result, so we are strongly motivated to reduce the costs. Initiators or purchasers are not motivated to save budget.


We will bring you 3-4 times more money than you spend on us. In all implemented projects (320 per year), our services have fully paid off.

Let’s compare 2 options for spot purchases execution

Move the table

execution stages

procurement outsourcing

using in-house resources

selection of the person responsible for the process

professional procurement specialist with over 5 years of experience

employee of the initiating department

cost analysis

costs’ detailing, review for cost consolidation possibilities

is not in place

market research

market research for dozens of parameters, RFI

is performed superficially or not in place at all

search for suppliers, acquiring quotations

RFP, tender, electronic bidding, negotiations with key players, competitive environment, testing

requesting 2-3 commercial quotations

comparing quotations and drafting recommendations

comprehensive assessment of quality and cost

selection of a “trusted vendor” out of the current partners

drafting, approval and signing contracts

development of a contract in favor of a client, taking into account the category specifics, and best market practices

signing a supplier's contract on conditions unfavorable for the company or delivery with no contract

reporting to management

quarterly reports showing savings figures, SLA in place

nominally in the form of an expenditure report, no SLA in place

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