Negotiation Training for Association of Communication Agencies of Russia


Association of Communication Agencies of Russia is a professional association bringing together the players of the Russian market of advertising and marketing communications. It unites more than 200 companies.


Ассоциация коммуникационных агентств России — профессиональная ассоциация участников российского рынка рекламы и маркетинговых коммуникаций. Объединяет более 200 компаний.

Type of service

Trainings in Procurement


January 2015 – Until present


Employees of advertising agencies are holding a lot of negotiations with purchasers and service providers. However, most of them were never trained in negotiation techniques. The training participants were interested in two things – how to achieve their business goals in negotiations and which techniques to use.

The Process

1. Gathering information and analysis of problems

The training participants did not achieve their goals in course of negotiations and therefore concluded disadvantageous contracts with low profit and high cost of services. They were worried that upholding their own position could lead to conflict situations with their partners and disruption of contracts.

2. Conclusions

Based on the reviews, it became clear that the employees were actually not ready to negotiate. They could not make decisions and propose alternatives. During the negotiations, the roles were not distributed, and the necessary data was not available.

3. Training process

Based on the reviews, two-day sessions were held which included practical training.

During the training, the participants:

  • Trained negotiation techniques, work with objections, reviewed the stages of negotiations
  • Were tested according to DISC methodology to identify their strengths and get recommendations
  • Discussed the videos of practical cases in groups

The participants were provided with:

  • Individual recommendations regarding personal negotiating style
  • Recommendations for improving the negotiating style when there are several participants on the part of the company
  • Leaflets and checklists for the preparation and actual negotiation process


In total, 10 trainings were held with more than 100 participants.

After the training, the participants stated the following changes:

  • Increased level of confidence
  • More responsible approach to planning negotiations

Customer Feedback

Business Development Director

“During 2 days, the training participants got not only theoretical knowledge, but also practiced their negotiation skills. They received feedback from a professional procurement specialist on unsuccessful negotiations and reviewed how to avoid such situations in detail.”


Knowledge of the market, category and functional area

  • Procurement industry expertise for marketing
  • Negotiation experience in more than 100 projects for major international companies
  • Knowledge of the specifics of procurement in general. More than 100 procurement projects implemented
  • Experience in conducting more than 20 negotiation training sessions for major companies

Procurement Methodology and Best Practices

  • Theoretical knowledge of negotiations and methodology, including the experience of world leaders
  • Training materials: presentations, checklists, tasks
  • In-house training methodology
  • Best practices applied at multinational companies


  • Negotiating
  • Task and project management
  • Training
  • Communication with stakeholders, suppliers, and management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Assessment of the personal potential of the training participants

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