Why Choose Us

PrECA technology

We have successfully completed many cost optimization projects and have the expertise and knowledge on the current commercial situation, sales volumes and the best practices of the largest companies on the market. With this knowledge, we can achieve the best possible results from suppliers, and reduce purchase prices between 15-50%.

We use the best software on the market for optimizing costs – Coupa and Scanmarket. These tools allow us to reduce the cost of projects by 20-50% when compared to figures from internal procurement. Further savings of 10-15% are added when these improvements are realised and the transparency of the process is achieved.

Specialists at PrECA

Having worked in the field for between 8-10 years, the staff at PrECA have unique experience in procurement for some of the biggest international companies from many different areas of the economy. This experience allows our specialists to implement projects for clients from a range of different corporate backgrounds and sectors. The results of the work done by our specialists bring savings of up to 50% (on current prices), and the use of best practice in: payment terms, new products and services, business processes and company policies.

The team at PrECA is not just made up of procurement specialists, but also experts with extensive experience in information technology and project management. At all stages of the realization of the project the specialists at PrECA carry out focused analytical work, process data (mobile phone communications, traffic flows etc.). As a result, our clients receive a shared value model that accurately reflects the needs of the business and the best way to improve cost effectiveness.

In addition, the staff at PrECA have a high level of expertise in specialised fields (logistics, mobile communications, marketing, construction, electricity and others), which guarantees a quick and effective realisation of the project for clients.

Cost of services and savings

Our fees depend on the amount of savings that PrECA achieves for our clients' business, which is what motivates our specialists to achieve the highest economic performance for your company. The cost of our services pays off for you not only because of the resulting savings in procurement spend, but also as a result of the savings made by the business during the course of the project on costs such as extra salaries and additional administration work, which are covered by PrECA’s resources.

Our specialists carefully study the business processes and guarantee a high level of service by the providers: we identify bottlenecks in customer service and improve the quality of service (response time, the quality of billing, providing analytics, and delivery times).

We work in categories where internal clients make purchases directly without involvement of procurement. With PrECA the client does not need to hire additional procurement resources. This increases cost effectiveness for the client – a minimum saving of 20% when compared to the current costs and the costs of internal resources.