Our Principles

We are always on the same side as our clients

PrECA is not bound to any agreements with suppliers. Our sole aim is to optimize service, reduce costs and increase profits for our clients. 

Results-driven strategies

PrECA receives remuneration for services only if the work of our specialists brings economic benefit to the client. The size of remuneration depends entirely on the results of our work.

Flexible solutions

Our specialists work as a team together with clients, understand their strategic goals and complete objectives together. The work done by our specialists will not only result in an improvement in economic terms but also an optimization of business processes and an implementation of technological solutions in the field of procurement.


PrECA respects all of its clients and strives to create a trusting relationship with each of them. Detailed accountability, transparency and strict adherence to deadlines means that our clients always know what specialists are achieving for them and how they are doing it.